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During the last three decades, indigenous Amazonian societies have begun to occupy an increasingly active role on the political stage. Their organizations have undeniably entered the national political arena, their members sometimes gaining high-representative positions at the state level. These same organizations are also becoming principal actors in hundreds of “environmental” conflicts that are shaking the region, conflicts primarily against private corporations and state agencies. Nevertheless, their motivations and political project remain ambiguous, and their rhetoric complex.

This research project aims to analyse this phenomenon in a comparative way, trying to highlight the specificities of each country in the region and the ways in which the borders of politics are beginning to shift. This project also intends to analyse this historical and social logics that these dynamics stimulate among Amerindian peoples with different cultural values.


ANR Program : Sociétés innovantes, intégrantes et adaptatives (DS08) 2017

Reference Project : ANR-17-CE41-0013

ANR Aid : 413 277 euros

Project Duration : 36 mois (2018-2021)



LAS (CNRS/EHESS), UMR 7130 [porteur principal]

LESC (CNRS/Université Paris Nanterre), UMR 7186

CESTA: Centro de Estudos Ameríndios, Universidade de São Paulo

IFEA : Institut Français d'Études Andines - Umifre 17 / USR3337

PPGAS : Programme de post-Graduação em anthropologie sociale, Université fédérale de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis.

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