solo duo

solo duo
The project Diadems (Description, Indexation, and Access to Ethnomusicological and Sound Documents) is financed by the Contint (Content and Interaction) program of the French National Research Agency.

Diadems (2013-2016) is a partnership between the LESC, the MNHN, the LAM, and several computer science and signal processing laboratories (Irit, Labri Limsi) specialized in sound analysis. This project develops indexation tools for audio content (applied to sound and audio-visual documents) that can facilitate the semi-automatic processing of archives, in particular the detection of speech and music zones, speaker recognition, segment identification, identification of music types (instrumental, a cappella, voice and instruments, types of instruments), the search for similarities (in melody, rhythm, tone), and the delimitation of intermediary areas (ritual speech, psalmodies, spoken-singing).


ANR (2013-2016)


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