GeoEthno Thesaurus

GeoEthno is a geographical thesaurus designed for the geographic indexation of documents in the domain of anthropology. It is a library tool enabling the establishment of standardized lists of keywords that can be used to index and search the Éric-de-Dampierre Library's bibliographic database (the “catalogue”), and more largely in other library-members of the "Ethnology Network". 

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CNRS – Musée de l’Homme Sound Archives (Managed by CREM)

The CNRS – Musée de l’Homme Sound Archives gathers both published and unpublished recordings of music and oral traditions from around the world, from 1900 to today. Incorporating various mediums (cylinders, 78 rpm discs, vinyl discs, magnetic bands, cassette tapes, digital mediums), this collection is one of the most significant in Europe in terms of quality, quantity, and diversity.

CRISTAL collective : Team dedicated to the l'équipe CNRS — Musée de l'Homme (MNHN) Sound Archives won, in 2018, the award given annually by the CNRS to a team of engineers and technicians for their innovative collective project.

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Éric-de-Dampierre Library

La salle de lecture

Created in 1967 by Éric de Dampierre, the library houses valuable and original collections of works and periodicals reflecting the labroatory's comparative and transcultural research orientation. The library is endowed with a general collection of around 35,000 documents, as well as some thirty libraries of researchers or associations deposited over the years. 

The library preserves and allows access to more than 30 scientific archive collections, mainly produced by ethnologists between 1930 and 1990. In gathering these archive documents and publications together in a single location, the library enables a unique approach to ethnology and its history.

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Ethnomusicology Library

Bibliothèque du CREMThe Ethnomusicology Library managed by CREM offers its readers :

− A printed collection gathering together nearly 2,000 works distributed between the general collections and special collections donated or left at the center,

− More than 400 university works and other academic works (in the process of being inventoried),

− Several scientifc archive collections mainly composed of field materials (currently being processed).

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