Sound-Space. Interdisciplinary approach to sound environments.

Sound-Space is an interdisciplinary project of University Paris-Lumières which gathers ethnomusicologists from LESC-CREM (UMR, CNRS-UPN with musicologists of EA 1572 (Musidance, Paris 8).

The project proposes an interdisciplinary approach (drawing upon ethnomusicology, musicology, architecture, acoustics, anthropology…) to our sound environments. It focuses on day-to-day environments, such as public spaces (markets, squares…), and even concert halls and religious sites. This approach has a triple purpose. Firstly, it aims to understand the processes of perception with which we experience and apprehend these sound environments, processes that qualifies them as “sensitive.” Secondly, the project, taking from various scientific study protocols (“commented pathways”, “morphological” analyses, etc.) strives to analyse the discourses that we project onto these sensitive environments, and to understand how they are verbalized. Thirdly, and lastly, the project analyses the artistic practices (compositions at the base of “sound landscapes”, sound installations, “audible ecosystems”…) that incorporate these sound environments, interacting with the places and listeners who are there, transforming the space and listening in artistic materials.



Comue Paris-Lumières (2013-2017)



Project managers : Christine Guillebaud, Rosalia Martinez et Makis Solomos (Musidanse, EA 1572, université Paris 8)



École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA)

Festival “Transitions sonores” de la Semaine des Arts (Université Paris 8)

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