From Undergraduate to Doctoral Studies

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Mainly composed of LESC research professors, the Departement of Anthropology at the University of Paris Nanterre offers an undergraduate track, the licence (Bachelor), spread out over three years, from L1 to L3, as well as four two-year master's degree specialisations. Interdisciplinary and open to the general field of human sciences, the undergraduate licence in  "Sciences of Man, Anthropology, Ethnology" offers a progressive specialisation in ethnology, prehistory, ethnomusicology, and the anthropology of dance. The masters level offers four anthropology specialisations: "General Ethnology", "Prehistory", "Anthropology, Philosophy, Ethnology", "Ethnomusicology and Anthropology of Dance". Masters students can continue onto doctorate degrees in various disciplines. 

As a member of the Doctoral School "Environments, Cultures, and Societies of the Past and Present" of University Nanterre, the LESC typically hosts one hundred doctoral candidates (consult the list of students here). Recent graduates of the doctoral school remain associated with the laboratory during the first three years following their thesis defence (consult the list the list of recent graduates here).

To enroll as a doctoral student in the laboratory, the candidate must first choose a laboratory member who is authorized to oversee research projects. It is also possible to write a thesis under the direction of two advisors from the laboratory, provided that one of them is authorized to diret student theses. 

Laboratory Thesis Advisors 

Members authorized to direct research (excluding emeritus professors)

Jean-Michel Beaudet

Philippe Erikson

Frédérique Fogel

Eric Garine

Emmanuel Grimaud

Monica Heintz

Adeline Herrou

Sophie Houdart

Albert Piette

Gilles Raveneau

Isabelle Rivoal

Anne de Sales

Sabine Trebinjac

Valentina Vapnarsky

Fabienne Wateau

The Department of Anthropology offers this workshop to the LESC's doctoral students. Different aspects of research specific to the context of doctoral studies are discussed, as well as various facets of professional practice in anthropology. Learn more.