GeoEthno is a geographical thesaurus designed for the geographic indexation of documents in the domain of anthropology. It is a library tool enabling the establishment of standardized lists of keywords that can be used to index and search the Éric-de-Dampierre Library's bibliographic database (the “catalogue”), and more largely in other library-members of the "Ethnology Network". 

Access the GeoEthno index 

Objectives and Thesaurus Coverage

The GeoEthno Thesaurus indexes geographic names with their different variants, and chooses among them a "Preferred Term" or "Descriptor" which, if applicable, will be used as a keyword to geographically characterize a document. Next, this keyword will be applied to the database query, and all documents indexed with it will appear as a search result. The keywords will also more easily identify documents which do not necessarily respond to the search, namely by highlighting parts of the content. 

As a result, the thesaurus, which focuses on document retrieval, differs from terminology or toponymic databases, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). 

Warning: The GeoEthno thesaurus does not include integrated mapping. Furthermore, because it is a developing and evolving tool, its geographic coverage is neither regular nor exhaustive. Updates are applied regularly. The thesaurus covers global geographic areas and does not specialize in a particular region. Its coverage is mainly focused on the informative needs of the ethnology library.  

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