GERM 2016 light

GERM 2016 light
Germ : Group for the Teaching and Research on Mayans and Mesoamerica

The Germ (Groupe d’enseignement et de recherche sur les Mayas et la Mésoamérique) is a research group specialized in Mayan studies and Mesoamerica. It was founded with the aim of bringing together researchers from various fields of the social sciences (archeology, ethnology, anthropology, epigraphy, ethnohistory, linguistics) to work on different projects concerning the Mayas, and later, Mesoamerica. The Germ develops activities of research, documentation, teaching and training. It is the main coordinator of the international network for scientific research "Ritual actions and time: Creation, destruction, transformation in Mesoamerica (2015-2018). It also hosts colleagues, post-doc and graduate students from French and international universities and research institutions. The Germ follows three main principles: the debate between and collaboration among disciplines, with special emphasis on fieldwork analysis; the comparison with nearby geographic and cultural areas, but also with more distant societies, and the sharing of knowledge through teaching activities, at the theoretical and empirical levels.



Valentina Vapnarsky (LESC), Philippe Nondédéo (ArchAm), Perig Pitrou (LAS), Marie Chosson (INALCO)


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