Projet Milson
Projet Milson

Pour une anthropologie des MILieux SONores

The MILSON program gathers anthropologists and artists who consider ambient sound in its sociocultural context of production and perception. Studies dedicated to sound emerge in different disciplines: musicology, architecture and urbanism, ethnomusicology, acoustics and psychology, history, as well as computer sciences. Though the study of ethnographic cases, MILSON take into account the heritage of such disciplines, while seeking to identify the anthropological stakes of ambient sounds. It explores the complexity of « sound milieux » in particular such as sonic productions in public areas, places of worship, stations etc. implying complex sound perception process and revealing spatial peculiarities. The program is an attempt for understanding their formal complexity, dynamics, and their social and cultural settings. On the basis of fieldwork investigations carried out in different cultural contexts, the program explores various modalities of social life constructs. Moreover, this project innovates by relating ethnographic studies, theoretical debate, technical digital tools and multimedia productions.



Fondation Fyssen (financement 2011-2015)

Université Paris-Lumières (financement 2015)

École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA)

International Ambiances Network



Lead : Christine Guillebaud


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