A Transmedia and Transdisciplinary Essay on the Present Time of a Trappist Monastery

Centred on ethnographic cinema’s contribution to research, the project Moines 3.0 provides researchers as well as the general public with an unprecedented audio-visual base concerning the Trappist monastery of Abbey Soligny-la-Trappe (Orne) and aims to nourish a transdisciplinary dialogue on new perspectives on research and the writing of history in the context of digital humanities.

We have led for the past couple of years, thanks to an exceptional authorization, different studies inside the monastery Notre-Dame de la Trappe (a space rarely opened to outside observers): in September 2013, as a part of the Programme Collaboratif  of Labex Hastec, established a documentary writing workshop at the end of which four portraits of monks were filmed and directed by eight researchers – these films were shown on various occasions (at the Quai Branly Museum, at the EHESS, at ESCP Europe as well as in the nave of Notre-Dame de la Trappe on Saint-Bernard’s feast day) and are accessible on the abbey website – and a research seminar, as to create a dialogue with specialists on Monastic life, was organised in 2014 and 2015. Following this first successful phase, certain of us undertook an augmentation of the experience, in directing and collecting film, sound, and visual data unique to this place. The Moines 3.0 project, aims, according to an innovative transdisciplinary approach, to process, regroup, analyse, and value these sources.



Labex « Les passés dans le présent » (funding 2016-2019)



Baptiste Buob (project manager), anthropologist-filmmaker, research fellow at LESC — UMR 7186-CNRS/UPOND

Ghislaine Azemard, professor in informaiton and communication sciences, Unesco ITEN/FMSH Chair, dir. d’IDEFI CreaTIC, programme LEDEN and Master CEN, Paris 8

Jessica De Largy-Healy, anthropologist, member of CREDO UMR 7308, research fellow at musée du quai Branly

Dominique Iogna-Prat, medieval historian, research director, CéSor UMR 8216

Nathalie Le Tellier Becquart, manager of documentary resources, research engineer, MAE USR 3225

Nathalie Luca, anthropologist, research director CéSor UMR 8216, manager of PC3, Labex Hastec

Damien Mottier, anthropologist-filmmaker, lecturer EA 1441

Renan Mouren, PhD candidate in Hypermedia at laboratory Paragraphe EA349 at Paris 8 [équipe EHN/programme Leden] and teacher of Idefi CreaTIC [Master CEN-P8, Master CAV-INAsup/ENSc]



HAR — Histoire des arts et des représentations – EA 1441 - UPOND

MAE — Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie - René Ginouvès – USR 3225 - CNRS/UPOND/Paris1

MQB — musée du quai Branly – département de la recherche et de l’enseignement

Chaire ITEN — Innovation, Transmission, Éditions Numérique – Unesco/FMSH

Programme LEDEN — master CEN (Création et édition Numériques) – Paris 8

CéSor — Centre d’études en sciences sociales du religieux – UMR 8216 - CNRS/EHESS

Master CAV/Concepteur audiovisuel (ENS Cachan, École nationale des Chartes, Institut national de l'Audiovisuel)

Labex HASTEC — Histoire et anthropologie des savoirs, des techniques et des croyances – Hesam


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