Prediction Detail vase K1790Prediction is an interdisciplinary project (incorporating archaeology, ethnology, ethnohistory) on the change and collective decision-making in times of crisis during classic, colonial, and post-colonial periods in Mayan societies.

The project endeavours to elucidate collective actions over the duration of transitional periods, measured by the succession of generations in Mayan societies through comparative research involving archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography. This research targets the role of anticipation and prediction in the chain of the perceived conjuncture (past, present, future) of decision-making and action, during three different periods in three different socio-economic and political organisations of the Mayan world: the 9th century crisis at the end of the Classic period (780-920 A.D.), and two cases of rebellion during the colonial and post-colonial epochs among the Mayans of the lowlands and highlands.






Coordinators : Valentina Vapnarsky (Lesc, CNRS) and M.-Charlotte Arnauld (ArchAm, CNRS)

Other participants : Chloé Andrieu (ArchAm), Agnès Bergeret (post-doc), Alain Breton (Lesc), Marie Chosson (Inalco), Julien Hiquet (doctorant ArchAm), Jennifer Saumur (doctorante ArchAm)

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