Social and Environmental Transition: Alternatives and Communes

This project is exploratory, looking at emerging forms of social, political, and environmental adjustment in European contexts – new forms of political mobilisations seeking social emancipation of empowerment, citizen initiatives in urban or rural settings, the creation of collectives or “communes” – the majority of these dynamics are linked to imperatives for the preservation and intelligent use of resources, and often reinforced by the context of generalized crisis in Europe. Fieldwork takes place in Spain (Huerta de Valencia and Spanish organic agriculture, conflict between populations and preservation initiatives by the national park), in Portugal (short circuits and dynamics in Lisbon neighbourhoods) and in France (neighbourhood “tables”, urban gardens, etc). A conference took place in Nanterre in March 2017. A collective of articles is currently in preparation for publication.

This program is a continuation of the seminar Durabilité, Alternatives et Sociétés that took place in Madrid, at the Casa de Velazquez, in 2014-2015.



Maison René-Ginouvès ; HPC Pessoa Campus France ; LAVUE ; LESC ; Casa de Velázquez Madrid (2 ans)


Scientific project managers : Fabienne Wateau (ethnologist, CNRS-LESC) and Marie-Hélène Bacqué (sociologist and urbanist, Université Paris Nanterre-UMR 7218 LAVUE Mosaïques)

Partners : Monica Truninger, sociologist, Instituto de Ciencias Sociais à Lisbonne (Portugal) and Beatriz Santamarina, anthropologist, Université de Valencia (Espagne)




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