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Buai ! Criez ! Chanter, danser, connaître en temps de décolonisation

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Buai! Shout! Singing, dancing, knowing in times of decolonization
New Caledonia - Kanaky has been experiencing a long process of independence since the 1970s, process which accelerated during the years 1984-88. The political leaders of this independence movement, as well as the various cultural actors (singers, dancers, sculptors, etc.), have always defined this political gesture as a process of reconnecting with their own culture and always associated it with a strong openness, encouraging local artistic and scientific creations. How did this cultural sovereignty take shape between 1984 and 1988? The description of the work of the Office Culturel Scientifique et Technique Canaque, as well as the description of different cultural objects and events, and in particular of sensitive forms of transmission, seems to reveal that the family-oriented exchanges are one of the fundamental elements of this historical period.

Keywords: Kanak; decolonize; songs; music; cultural events.

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  • Buai ! Criez ! Chanter, danser, connaître en temps de décolonisation
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