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Music and dance in Eastern Africa: current research in humanities and social sciences

édité par Kahithe Kiiru et Maina wa Mũtonya

Twaweza Communications Ltd, Nairobi, 2018, 134 p.

The book dedicates itself to research in music and dance, while engaging with the colonial and contemporary political and historical realities within Eastern African region. Inevitably themes that grapple with urbanization and the emergence of urban spaces for entertainment, as well as the imagination of culture by the colonialist form a key window into the research and understanding of music and dance.

The ever-present performance of ethnic identities that shape most of our socio-political contexts adds to the overall texture of this book. At the same time,the debate and question of gender in music is also comprehensively covered,in an attempt to delineate gender relations in the region.

Articles that employ cross-genre approach to music and dance have enriched the wide perspective of understanding African societies and the realities that emanate from everyday lives in Eastern Africa.

This book takes a multi-disciplinary angle and easily fit within the disciplines of political science,urban studies,literature, sociology and media studies.The book contributes to the recurrent dialogue towards emphasizing the relevance of the study of songs and dances in a larger context within humanities and social sciences.

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