Poster Daoconf 2017Creativity and Diversity – 11th International Conference on Daoist Studies,

Paris Nanterre University, May 17-20, 2017

Creativity and Diversity – 11th International Conference on Daoist Studies, Paris Nanterre University, May 17-20, 2017

For the last thirteen years, the international conference on Daoist Studies has been instrumental in enhancing the study, application, and awareness of Daoism throughout the world. The only major Daoist conference series, it follows a tradition that began in Boston (2003) and continued through Mt. Qingcheng (2004), Fraueninsel in Bavaria (2006), Hong Kong (2007), Mt. Wudang (2009), Los Angeles (2010), Mt. Nanyue (2011), Ammersee Lake near Munich (2012), Boston University (2014), and Miaoli, Taiwan (2016). Thanks to the generous hosting of the University of Paris at Nanterre, the 11th conference will take place near metropolitan Paris in France.

This year’s theme is “Creativity and Diversity.” The focus is on the artistic and specific expressions of Daoist worldview and practice, both in history and today. Panels and presentations focus particularly on anthropological studies and interactions between Daoism and art, music, ritual, theater, literature, martial arts, medicine, and various skills.


  • Adeline Herrou, National Center for Scientific Research (LESC)
  • Georges Favraud, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University (LISST-CAS)
  • Livia Kohn, Boston University

Keynote Speakers

  • Brigitte Baptandier, The Chinese social kaleidoscope, Daoism and local cults in synergy​. ​A Fujian anthropological approach
  • Vincent Goossaert, Becoming a god in the Daoist tradition
  • Christine Mollier, Daoism along the Silk Road: Archaeological evidence

Steering Committee


  • Friederike Assandri, Joshua Capitanio, Eric Caulier, Chen Xia, Elliott Cohen, Catherine Despeux, Vincent Durand-Dastès, Fan Guangchun, Elisabeth Friedrichs, Jia Jinhua, Paul R. Katz, Li Guoqiang, Gabriele Libera, Tong Miin Liou, Liu Xun, Eske Mollgaard, Pierre Marsone, Karine Martin, Thomas Michael, Andreas Noll, Scott Park Phillips, Wang Huayan, Wang Xiaoyang, Michael Winn

Local organization team

  • Hélène Bloch, Joëlle Chaine, Marc Lebranchu, Ingrid Renard
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